PIRAMID v.4.5.0 released


We are pleased to announce that PIRAMID version 4.5.0 is now available for download.  This new version introduces our most advanced crack model to date and sees a major overhaul of the user interface and workflow. The new enhancements and improvements include:

  • The API 579 model for crack-like features has been added and provides the most accurate assessment of cracks of all the models currently in PIRAMID.
  • The user interface has seen some major changes including an updated ribbon, quick-access toolbar and icon set.
  • The random number generator for simulations has been improved for better scalability to a large number of processors.
  • The Notch Toughness line attribute is now differentiated between the pipe body and weld vicinity.  This allows the API 579 model to use the appropriate properties for individual defects based on location (e.g. manufacturing defects vs SCC).  
  • The pressure cycling history input has been upgraded to allow unique inputs with different models in the same file. The effective age of the plain dent defects can now also be specified explicitly for defects with a complex loading history.
  • The definition of defect size and shape categories can now be launched directly from the Inspection Tool Measurement Error window.
  • The ECDA model has been improved to more accurately calculate the distribution parameters of the non-detected defect population.
  • The tail fitting algorithm has been improved for cases with very low annual failure rates.
  • If you have any questions about any of the changes implemented in this release, please contact us