Manage defects and plan maintenance

PIRAMID develops optimized maintenance plans that minimize risk at the lowest possible cost. This can be done on a defect-by-defect basis or on the basis of segment risk.

  • Manage Defects. PIRAMID can use explicit defect information in a reliability-based corrosion or crack management process to identify when to conduct repairs.
  • Rank Segment Risk. PIRAMID develops an operating risk profile for the pipeline system. This information can be used to rank pipeline segments with respect to risk, identify high consequence segments, and select segments that should be targeted for enhanced maintenance.

PIRAMID can be used to generate “what-if” scenarios, which show how the operating costs and risks would change with the implementation of various integrity maintenance measures.  Any aspect of the line can modified to observe the change in risk including common interventions such as:

  • In-line inspection (ILI)
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Direct assessment
  • Mechanical damage prevention
  • Pipe repair or replacement

Several criteria can be used to identify the optimal maintenance plan including:

  • Risk or reliability thresholds
  • Cost optimization
  • Cost-benefit ratio