C-FER provides engineering consulting services related to PIRAMID in the following areas:

Data Integration and Verification

  • Development of customized routines for importing data from multiple databases into the structure required by PIRAMID
  • Data review to verify that the input data reflects the actual pipeline attributes and operating conditions

Customized Risk Model Development

  • Development of failure and consequence models that are not currently considered in PIRAMID
  • Expansion of existing models or modification of model inputs to include new models in PIRAMID
  • Benchmarking new models to “real world” data or test results

Pipeline Integrity Assessments

  • Risk and reliability assessment
  • Integrity maintenance planning
  • Inline inspection planning
  • Mechanical damage prevention strategies
  • Direct assessment methodologies
  • Risk-based inspection
  • Engineering evaluation of service changes such as pressure uprating and class upgrades
  • Regulatory exceptions

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